My name is Krystal Marx, and I am running for re-election to the Burien City Council. Since my election in 2017, my family has gone through the depths of poverty and the heights of success... and through it all, it was friends and family that got us through.

Unfortunately, that is a privilege that many in our city do not have. 

That is why I am running for a second term on the Burien City Council - to build upon the success we've been able to achieve over the last four years in tenant protections, public safety diversion programs, and engaging community stakeholders. When I'm not Deputy Mayor (2019 - Present), I am the Executive Director of Seattle Pride and a trainer for Bystander Intervention and self-defense classes. I am also my husband's (an Army combat veteran) caregiver, a mother of four (transgender 13 year old son, 12 and nine year old sons, and five year old daughter), out bisexual woman, and the dog-mom to two Chihuahua-Terriers who are convinced they are Mastiffs. 

I experienced homelessness for a brief period as a child in Aberdeen, WA and grew up in a lower-income family living in an upper-class community (Bellevue, WA). The differences in resources, access to opportunity and respect given to an individual was stark, even as a child. ​

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